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About Us:

Bow Wow House doggy day care


Welcome to Bow Wow House. Our prestigious academy boasts the gold standard in doggy daycare and we hope that your dog can join us.


The best doggy daycare in London


Companionship. Loyalty. Trust. Friendship. Exercise.


These are qualities our dogs give us everyday, and are therefore our core values at Bow Wow House. Our aim is to provide the best dog daycare in London by ensuring that every stage of your dog’s day is happy, healthy and harmless.



Doggy daycare service at Bow Wow House


As much as we’d love to, we can’t be with our dogs twenty-four hours a day. For the times that we can’t be with them, there’s Bow Wow House.


We are much more than a centre that looks after your dog while you’re at work. Our curriculum encourages our dogs to play and learn, explore and discover; and we provide the ideal facilities for them to do so.


Why choose Bow Wow House?

Elite dog daycare facilities


Exercise and socialising are at the core of what we do at Bow Wow House. As soon as your dog arrives, it will be put with its house in a dedicated area. From there, it can make friends - or catch up with those it hasn’t seen since last time - and do as it pleases. This may well be running and playing, but if they are older (Bran-Skylan House) then we have shelters where they can rest.


There are 3 acres of enclosed play area, made up of Frank’s Meadow and Liz’s Lea. (JC: I’m aware those are both a bit crap. I’ll try to come up with something better) After playing here, our dogs are taken on to walk and sniff in 7 acres of private woodland replete with rivers in which they can splash.


There isn’t a kennel in sight, and everything your dog could need to have the time of its life.




If your dog needs to board with us, it will be housed with one of our dedicated Prefects. Our Prefects are all fully-insured, home-checked and vetted, and your dog is guaranteed space, attention and a warm bed. No cold, lonely nights; just a lot of care.


Pastoral care


Alongside our doggy daycare facilities, we offer a number of services to further care for your dog.


  • We can arrange professional dog grooming for your dog with one of our licensed partners. Award-winners qualify for discounts on these services
  • Health Club: a monthly health check to identify early symptoms and medical problems, a vaccinations update, monthly flea and lungworm treatment, quarterly intestinal worm treatment, ear check and clean, and dental check and clean
  • Discount schemes and awards schemes


Contact Information
37 Campana Road, London, United Kingdom sw6 4at
Phone: 07946246569